Usha Nagrani

Leadership & Life Coach
Associate Certified Coach ICF, MCIPD, PHR, SHRM-CP

Who am I?

I am a seasoned HR Professional, bringing over 20+years of experience in HR best practices, talent acquisition, development, and coaching teams which positively transforms HR operations.
A professionally qualified MBA and Graduate from Delhi university.

What I do

I enable senior leaders and expats to achieve breakthroughs through active action oriented coaching. A practice built on my coaching expertise, HR professional and my own life experiences. I have been on both sides of the table, evaluating these jumps and making them myself.

Begin Coaching Today

My coaching programs have been curated with international coaching techniques to help expats achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Are you looking for growth?

I understand first hand the motivation, the difficulties and trials of coming to anew country. Understanding the new rules, the excitement, fear of the first time and growing into a leader. I bring my lived experience of 20 years building a successful career breaking all norms of industry, financial success and leadership success to help you short circuit the process.

Why you need me

  • Build influence and stellar teams to grow exponentially
  • Improve EQ for stronger well bonded teams that get things done
  • Switch careers and do it on your own terms
  • Assimilate and build a professional identity as a Leader/Manager

Join me if you are:

  • An executive in your leadership role and looking for strategies for teambuilding
  • An experienced person looking for your next big jump
  • A female striving to break the glass ceiling and get into a growth mindset
  • Looking for your first job in a new country

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